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Yinhawangka Elder and author June Injie has recently completed a new book entitled ‘Thanamarra ngananha malgu? What are they doing?’ The book is the second collaboration between June Injie and award winning artist Clint Taylor. It has been published by Wangka Maya Pilbara Aboriginal Language Centre after extensive work by June and Wangka Maya linguists. The book is in full colour A4 landscape format and includes an audio CD in the back cover containing the sentences spoken in Yinhawangka by June Injie and in English by her granddaughter Montell Kelly.


The book contains an engaging story about the habits of some animals, both native and introduced, that can be found in the Pilbara region. The story demonstrates the keen observation of animal behaviour by the Yinhawangka storyteller, as expressed in her rich and concise language.


This is the first Wangka Maya publication that uses ‘sound printing’ technology. The audio for the book is marked up by hidden microscopic printing. Each track can be played by moving an audio reader pen across relevant pages or sections. The audio reader pen is a USB audio player with a built-in optical scanner.


Yinhawangka is a severely endangered language from the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The Yinhawangka People traditionally lived in the area containing the Angelo, Ashburton and Hardey Rivers, Kunderong Range, Mount Vernon Station, Rocklea and Turee Creek. Many Yinhawangka people now live in Tom Price, Port Hedland and Onslow. There are currently a limited number of people who speak Yinhawangka. June’s new book is a very valuable contribution to the revitalisation of Yinhawangka language and culture and promises to please audiences, both young and old.


An official book launch and signing with the author, illustrator and staff from Wangka Maya will take place around Bellary Springs Yinhawangka community on Friday 29 August 2014. Please contact Wangka Maya for further information.


Wangka Maya Pilbara Aboriginal Language Centre is supported by the Australian Government’s Indigenous Languages Support program. Financial assistance for the publication of the book was generously provided by the Yinhawangka Charitable Trust.


Copies of the book are available from Wangka Maya Pilbara Aboriginal Language Centre

(08) 9172 2344 or online at www.wangkamaya.org.au.



Jason Lee, Senior Linguist, yakuli@wangkamaya.org.au.

Annie Edwards-Cameron, IBN Linguist, ibnlinguist@wangkamaya.org.au.


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Thanamarra ngananha malgu? What are they doing? A story told in Yinhawangka and English. Front cover.

Yinhawangka Elder June Injie with former Wangka Maya Senior Linguist Jessica Mathie (photo: Amanda Hamilton).


Audio reader pen in action with the book (photo: Jason Lee).